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natural stones minerals crystals wicca rose quartz amethyst labradorite decoration meditation chakra healing crystal column

natural stones minerals crystals wicca rose quartz amethyst labradorite decoration meditation chakra healing crystal column

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Origin: Mainland China

Style: Pastoral Style


is_customized: No

Regional Feature: CHINA

Material: Organic Material

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Product introduction Name: Crystal column Item no: 191125 Color: A variety of color Product features: Natural crystals lie deep underground or in caves, often undergoing geological processes such as volcanoes and earthquakes.Late volcanic eruption, a large number of solid mineral crystallization condensing formation volcanic rocks, the residual water flows through early eruption of volcanic rock and hydrothermal precipitation silica, silica precipitation in the extrusive rock porosity and empty, and under the condition of high temperature, through the growth of more than one hundred million years of time, the crystal will be in accordance with the "hexagonal system" law of nature, natural crystal crystal into hexagonal prism shape. Six advantages of our store: 1. Direct selling by manufacturers, no middlemen to earn the price difference, the price is more favorable 2. Carefully selected raw materials 3. Excellent production technology 4. Better service 5. Wholesale discount 6. Support customization

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Company introduction: Our factory was established in 2016 to finish the processing of the original crystal stone, and our production price is better.Main natural crystal six prism, crystal ball, gravel, jingshi, powder crystal, topaz, white crystal, amethyst, fluorite and other raw stone, if you need custom we can also find the original stone in the market for your processing production.Stone brother store is a crystal column crystal ball decoration, crystal raw stone and other products professional production and processing company, with a complete, scientific quality management system.The store's integrity, strength and product quality recognized by the industry.Welcome friends from all walks of life to visit, guidance and business negotiation. Your five star encouragement, our infinite power Dear, after receiving the goods, if you are satisfied with our goods, please give us a five-star rating and a beautiful rating. This is very important for us, so please kindly help us to make a five-star rating.If we do not make you satisfied, do not hurry to give the poor comment, please timely communicate with us, believe that we can solve all problems for you!Thank you for your support! Purchase instructions: 1. All crystals are natural 2. Manual production, size error about 2mm 3. Everyone's monitor is not the same, see a slight color difference, natural crystal each stone are not the same, every product will have a color difference 4. Crystal is the product of nature, each crystal is different, natural products inevitably have cotton wool and ice crack, raw stone is not the same, each product has its unique beauty!This is what we call the beauty of regret.Like a person, like him to accept his shortcomings, no one is perfect, let alone from hundreds of millions of years ago gem.Please understand the natural crystal, take good care of the natural crystal, hope that each belongs to your crystal can bring you good luck. 5.If you can't reply in time, please wait

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